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Introducing our newest, Houston Location

May 19, 2017 Aladdin Customer Care Houston

Our Newest Location, Houston Aladdin Garage Doors

Making sure of the security and safety of your house at all times in not hard to achieve. Aladdin Garage Door Repair of Houston is always on their way to serve people who require their help for garage repair or installation. Aladdin garage door has a special treat for those clients who gave their full trust in the company. Every problem with the door that you wish them to fix will be solved right away. If you are not convinced, well that is one thing you should proof to yourself.coastal-garage-door

Aladdin Garage Door Repair in Houston has its features of specialized tools for installation and repairs of your garage.They have their way of serving the customers with the services as well as to the manner of communication which is recognizable to them. The following are the services that Aladdin Garage Door Repair in Houston can offer to you in times where you need help.
Garage door quotation-the quotation of the Aladdin garage door team has their many years’ experience in undertaking their job in giving a quality service, access and advice to possible great ranges. They are actually what you need in acquiring a reliable information for the best services by making your solution through their options.

Garage door coupon-the garage door coupon are available for those who wish to get their services and at the same time saving their money. They are the company that the capacity of making quality services through their innovative staffs. The staff is willing to work on their skills and knowledge for the services that you are going to ask for help.
Garage door installation- garage door installation is amongst their specialized offers for their customers.As a reliable company, they have their regular testing and maintenance for garage door and opener which you require. They are sure of their services that they offer especially for the installation process. It is making their services safe and reliable. They check the quality by testing time and providing instructions which you can use for the possible minor problems into your door.

Garage door maintenance-Maintainance of their work is included in their task for giving quality services. As you have got the result of the work done by their team, you can experience their effectiveness. The will leave you with new garage door with full knowledge of what to do next in case you get the same problem.Maintenance is not a problem with them because they have specialized means to choose and make everything your place secured and safe.garage door opener installations

Service for garage door repair-Repairing your garage is one of their main issues of helping you. With their ability to look for the biggest problem of garage door that you have, they will make things all right. This is because of their skills to make the job well done. Their repair services are exceptional in making your way to the safe and secure home.

If you are going to compare the services that they have, you will be able to say that it has the same services offered. This can happen because they have such services with their innovation and whole heart to make a step out of the way.

The quality services that they offer you have been proven by customers who get their services.According to customers, the company of Aladdin garage door has its uniqueness of the work which anyone will like. They have the capacity to adjust the things that you wish to make into your garage as long as it is possible to do. They are one of the companies for the garage installation and repair to give something which is new for the garage services.

In renovating your house, the work Aladdin garage door assures you that you always have the choice of the many options that they offer you. There is nothing to worry because everything will be settled for as long as you make a decision as fast as their service.
To get their services, you can call their customer assistance for any questions or assistance that you wish them to be done for you. Since the garage door is what you can’t fix by yourself only, they provide you with the best quality service.

In conclusion, with their aim which is to keep each home secure with garage door services they provide for you. If you are worried about the services they provide you, you may look into their websites on the internet to get some information they have.

Aladdin Garage Doors of Houston
3836 S Gessner
Houston, TX 77215
(832) 648-3888

Garage Door Spring Replacement

May 19, 2017 Aladdin Customer Care Garage Door Repair, Raleigh NC

The Risk of Do-It- Yourself Garage Door Spring Replacement

The garage door is no ordinary door, it has some parts for it to function with ease and convenience. One of the most important parts of a garage door is its torsion spring. Torsion spring is responsible with the opening and closing of a garage door. Torsion spring weakens over the year, and it’s highly recommended that have your garage door check by an expert. Call Aladdin Garage Door of Raleigh, North Carolina, if your garage door needs repair. Their technician is highly skilled to determine whether your garage door spring will need a repair or a replacement. It is highly recommended to let an expert handle the spring replacement of your garage door because it’s a risky DIY task. Here’s a good reason for you to understand why garage door replacement needs a certified technician.

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Understanding Garage Door Springs

Garage doors have two different types of springs. Torsion springs attach above the closed garage door, and extension springs are on the upper tracks on the sides of the door. Both can break, and both can be dangerous. Springs on garage doors are wound very tightly to create the tension on the door that will allow it to lift. When they break, they snap with such force that they can cause serious injury if someone is nearby. When a do-it- yourself homeowner is tackling a garage door spring repair or replacement, this is a very real and serious risk.

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Before Calling the Professional

Garage-door-repairman Aladdin Doors®If the spring is noisy or squeaky, it may just need to be lubricated.

This does not pose much risk, as long as you don’t actually touch the  the springs while lubricating them. If a liberal dose of silicone lubricant does not fix the noise, then it’s time to call in a professional garage door repair technician — because the sound likely means a serious problem is brewing.

If your springs break completely or if they continue to make noise after you lubricate them, you

Consider this: a garage door can weigh more than 500 pounds, and springs lift all of that weight. This means that the strength and tension of those springs is quite intense. One wrong move can send the spring whipping toward your body, which can cause serious, even fatal, injury. This is not a risk you want to take.

 Calling a professional is the right option because they will:

  • Have the right tools to ensure the measure and cut the correct size spring.
  • Have the right tools to properly install the springs with the right tension.
  • Know how to install springs safely to avoid accidents.
  • Will ensure that the door is properly balanced.
  • Can properly wind torsion springs to avoid problems.

In addition, you might want to check below the potential danger of garage door replacement if you do it by yourself.

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garage-door-installation-technicianYou hear a loud bang like a gunshot coming from your garage. You run to take a look and you notice that the spring above your garage door has broken in two.

Anxiously, you wonder if you could perhaps change the garage door spring yourself. Well, we strongly advise against it, and here’s why.

“My brother-in-law did it, so I should be able to do it, too.”

The counterweight system, which is secured by the springs, is connected to the hinge at the bottom of the door, to the lifting cable and to the steel shaft (tube) housing the spring. The entire system is under extreme tension, equivalent to the total weight of the door. Trying to lift the bottom hinge that is solidly bolted to the door is like lifting anywhere from 125 lb (single door) to 225 lb (double door). If you also have a row of windows on your door, add about 5 to 15 lb per window. One false move and you could end up injuring your face or hand.

“Only one of the two springs is broken!”

Even if you think it’s only 50% of the weight of the door that’s being held, you should know that it’s still too much. The most important thing is your safety—especially avoiding any serious injury. In the end, you also have to properly balance the two springs in order to prevent your door from rebounding.

“My door opener will hold the door.”

The drive mechanism that pulls the door to lift or lower it wasn’t designed to hold that much weight. A door opener is simply a substitute for human action, as if you were to lift your door with one hand. A well-balanced door weighs between 8 and 10 lb and the acceptable variance for proper balance is around 5% of the total weight of the door.

Do business only with licensed professionals

Garage door spring repair requires experience and expertise. It’s important to correctly calculate the total weight of your garage door, including any attached parts and also accounting for weight of the windows, if any.

Remember, having a professional to do the springs, repair or replacement on your garage door will help you save money. You only need to pay one time with a guarantee that the repair or replacement done on your garage door is of high quality and will last for many years to come. Aladdin Garage Door of Raleigh,NC can be your great ally when it comes to any kind of garage door repair and replacement needs.



Cost and Maintenance of Garage Doors

May 18, 2017 Aladdin Customer Care Naperville IL, New Garage Door

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Emergency Garage Door Repair

Maintaining your garage door is less costly than to have it replace or repair, so if you noticed broken parts ask your expert technician for a repair right away. Aladdin Garage Door of Naperville, Illinois is ready for an immediate repair. They provide 24 hour emergency repair service, with prompt and efficiency. Their certified technicians are highly competent, flexible, and always available even on weekends. To avoid hassle in your end, it is better to have schedule maintenance of your garage door and here are the maintenance tips you want to consider to prevent your door from breaking down.

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A garage door is deceptively simple-looking mechanism. A door opening and closing on a series of rollers or arms does not look very threatening. Pushing a button to ove a garage door doesn’t take much effort, so it doesn’t seem like it could be very dangerours– this is not true. A garage door is relatively easy to move because there are springs balancing the weight  of the door. If you have ever seen a garage door with broken springs, you know just how heavy they are and how great a potential for injury there is.

While you should not attempt to make major repairs such as replacing panels, springs or rollers to a garage door, every homeowner should conduct regular basic maintenance and inspections to spot problems before they become serious. The following maintenance task are well within the reach of the average homeowners, and should be performed regularly.

  • Lubrication

2crgrilleclipA noisy garage door is an unnecessary annoyance. Do not make the mistake of attempting to lubricate your garage door with WD-40. It may be very slippery, but WD- 40 was not designed to be a long-term lubricant. Use a lithium or silicone spray to lubricate metal parts such as chains, rollers and hinges.

  • Track cleansing

The track may not require lubrication; in fact, improper use of lubricants can actually attract dust and interfere with the operation of your garage door. While it may not need lubrication, it does require regular cleaning. Dirt and debris can build up on the track and lead to premature failure of your rollers, springs or bearings. A damp cloth will take care of most of the cleaning needs here. For sticky residue, use a solvent metal cleaner.If you live in a cold climate, snow and ice in the track may also be a concern.

  • Replacing Weather Seals

The weather seals are the soft rubber or plastic material on the bottom and sides of your garage door. When your garage door comes all the way down, this flexible barrier is pressed against the floor of your garage, and against the doorjambs on either side to keep water and air out. When they become worn, they can no longer do their jobs properly. Depending on your climate, your weather seals may last five to 10 years. On the bottom of the door, there is often a track that the weather seal will slide into. Cut off a short piece of your weather seal before you go to your local distributor to make sure you get a piece that will fit on your door.

  • Realigning Garage Door Sensors

garage door opener installationsYour garage door opener depends on sensors to detect when the door is all the way up or down, as well as when there is an obstruction that may keep the garage door from closing. If the sensors get out of alignment, your garage door may not function properly or the safety features may be disabled. The obstruction sensors are typically located at the bottom of the door, on either side. The sensors can easily be bumped by people, bicycles or garden tools. It should not take more than a gentle push to realign them. There are usually indicator lights on one or both of the sensors. Try interrupting the beam with your hand to see how the sensors react. Adjust the sensors using your hands until they have a direct line of sight. If your sensors are in alignment, and they are still not working properly, check to make sure they are clean. Something like a spider web may be just enough to block the sensor.

  • Resetting Garage Door Opener

If your handheld garage door remote is no longer working to open and close your garage, your garage opener may need to be reset. Always try changing batteries first, but if that does not work, you might try resetting it. The reset procedure varies from one garage door opener to another, but it quite often involves unplugging your garage door, plugging it back in and attempting to use the control again. Consult your manufacturer’s instructions to find the proper procedure for your door.


If you have questions about any of these procedures, or think that your garage door may have become damaged, contact a trained professional immediately. Do not take chances with your home and your safety. Whether you need maintenance, repairs or a replacement door, professionals have the skills and equipment to do the job right.

Clearly, it’s better for the damage to be repair early than wait for it to cause havoc. If you are thinking that about the cost of the repair, you better check the information below on how much a garage door repair should cost.

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Cost vs. Value

Garage-door-repairman Aladdin Doors®When replacing a garage door, most homeowners are cost-conscious (i.e. they’re worried about the upfront cost of materials and labor). This focus on price is understandable. After all, garage door replacements are usually an unexpected expense. One day the door is working fine, and the next day, it isn’t.

However, as with most home improvement projects, you should be value-conscious. Be prepared to pay a little extra for quality and experience. The higher price is well worth the added expense, since a properly installed garage door essentially pays for itself. According to Remodeling Magazine, the average return-on- investment (ROI) of an upgraded garage door is a whopping 83.7 percent, ranking it among the top four home improvement projects of 2014. But the true returns don’t stop there:

  • Given their size and exposure to the elements, garages often result in excessive heating charges in the winter and exorbitant cooling expenses in the summertime. By installing an insulated door, you can dramatically cut down on your monthly utility bill, helping to speed up the payback period of your investment.
  • Garages also represent a major security risk. A well-fortified garage door can reduce the likelihood of theft. You can further boost these gains with regular maintenance — especially during the winter months when garage doors undergo the most wear and tear. For some simple guidelines, click here.

How Much Should You Budget for Garage Door Repair?

So value (and not price) should be your primary focus. Fair enough. But how much should you actually budget when replacing a standard residential garage door?

Costs vary considerably. The exact price depends on any number of factors, including:

  • Materials. Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes, using a wide range of different materials. A basic, un-insulated steel door costs less than a higher-end, custom wood door.
  • Workmanship. It’s possible to replace a garage door on your own (as a weekend project). However, DIY garage door replacements often end up costing more in the long run (check out these articles here and here to learn why). You’re almost always better off hiring a professional to complete the job. Ask about what warranties are available.
  • Location. Prices also vary by region. This makes a lot of sense given the major differences in architectural styles and climate that exist throughout the country. A typical stone home in Vermont has very different requirements than a stucco home inArizona. To get a better idea of pricing ranges, type your ZIP code into this free search tool.


Value is more important than cost. But if you’re still worried about budget, the best tip of all is to keep your garage door in optimal condition for as long as possible. In addition to the winter maintenance tips mentioned above, you can also conduct an annual DIY checklist. At the first sign of trouble, you may be able to make minor fixes on your own before the problem requires professional intervention.

Clearly, value is important! And that’s what Aladdin Garage Door of Naperville provides; a service with value, a service that you will feel confidence that it’s worth the cost. Their technicians are well-rounded and always prepared for an emergency repair needs regardless of the time and day.

Best Garage Door Opener

May 18, 2017 Aladdin Customer Care Austin TX 0 Comments

Get to Know The Different Garage Door Openers

Before garage door have a simple system used to open and close it. However, as time goes by that simple garage door system became even more secured and convenient to use. Today, there is lots of garage door opener to choose from that suit your needs. You may enjoy the ease and convenience of a modern garage door opener, where you can simply open and close the garage door while watching a television. This was made possible through the remote control access.

If you are still using a manual garage door opener, maybe it’s time for you to opt for a better garage door opener. Call Aladdin Garage Door of Austin, Texas, for your new garage door opener system. You may also want to check out below the different residential garage door opener to choose from.

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modern custom doors

Automated garage door installation is a popular project for do-it- yourself people because of the ability to customize and control such variables as noise and speed. In general, you have three types of drives to choose from, each with unique pros and cons. None are the clear best option, meaning the type of garage door opener you choose comes down largely to personal preference. Here are a few advantages to each of the three types of automated garage door opener drives: screw, belt and chain drive.

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers liftmaster
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What it is: Screw drive garage door openers are different mechanically than the other two options, as they require a trolley to ride on a threaded-steel rod, which rotates with a motor to move the door. It does not require the same type of pushing and pulling force of traditional belt and chain driven garage door openers.

The advantages: Screw drive openers are simple, and for that reason, preferable for people who want fewer moving parts to maintain. Screw drive units are somewhat sensitive to temperature and are not considered optimal in regions that see drastic shifts in temperature as seasons change. In most cases, they are noisier than belt drive units. Cost-wise, screw drive units tend to be more expensive than belt drive and chain drive openers.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

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What it is: Chain drive units are classic garage door openers and are among the oldest and most common styles, running the door along a track. These units rely on a bicycle-like chain to push the trolley connected to the J-arm, which is attached the garage door itself.

The advantages: One caveat (or advantage, depending on how you look at it) is noise. Because of the design, chain drive units tend to cause a slight vibrations and metal-to- metal noise. For that reason, these units are more popular for detached garages than garages situated beneath a bedroom, for example. Some people prefer a garage door that opens with a bit of racket so they can be warned if someone is about to enter. Over time, chain drive units have become much quieter with newer technologies, such as softer start-and- stop features and DC motors. Chain drives are considered to be the most economical option.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

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What it is: For many people, belt drives are considered to be the most luxurious option because of their sleekness and relative low level of noise. Belt drive openers use the same mechanisms as chain drive openers, with the exception that instead of a chain, they use a belt — largely eliminating the vibrations and noises associated with chain drive openers. The belts are typically made from fiberglass, steel-reinforced rubber or polyurethane.

The advantages: Belt drive garage openers are the quietest types of openers (almost silent by comparison with chain drive units), although they tend to cost just a bit more than the chain option.


Knowing the different types of garage door opener and its advantage will help you decide about your garage door installation. In addition, here is a piece that provides an idea on how a certain jackshaft garage door opener works. Read further.

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Most residential garage door openers are installed above the center of the door, a style called a trolley bar. A more recent addition to the market is a model that can be installed on the side of the door, called a Jackshaft garage door opener. This type of opener is used for specific applications and is best known for its commercial uses.

Special Applications

Here are some situations where it is recommended to use a Jackshaft garage door opener.

  1. jackshaft_Elite-garage-door-openerGarages with a high ceiling:
    Your door may be 8 feet in height while the ceiling is 12 feet high or more. Using a rail system with a vertical system lift keeps most of the space above the door accessible.
  2. Sloped and cathedral ceilings:
    A door opener with central carriage is an option, but in this situation, it is more convenient to use a Jackshaft. It will allow better accessibility for servicing and troubleshooting.
  3. Where the depth of the garage is not sufficient to install a central door opener:
    There must be at least 48 inches of clearance above the door to install a traditional door opener. A boiler or pipe can also prevent its installation.

What you need to know…

  • First, a jackshaft opener can be used on full vertical lift, standard lift, and high-lift doors. It cannot be used on low headroom doors;
  • This type of door opener can only be used with a torsion spring system, since the opener is connected to the shaft (tube) on which the springs are installed;
  • For installation, a clearance of at least 7 inches beside the door is required. In addition, at least 3 inches is required above the tube;


  • Jackshaft garage door openers can be used for a door measuring up to 14 feet in height, or a door with a maximum size of 180 square feet.
  • The LiftMaster 8500 Model is equipped with Security+ 2.0 technology, which ensures greater security for remote control codes. This model can also be operated remotely using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Jackshaft openers are equipped with the same safety reversal systems (mechanical and photo-cell) as trolley door openers.

What are the differences between the two types of door openers: Jackshaft or Trolley type?

  • When the specifications are equal (for example, same engine power), the two types of door openers are equivalent in terms of their technical capacity, long-term performance and their warranty.
  • The Jackshaft model is very useful in the specific applications explained above.
  • As for price, a Jackshaft costs about 25% to 30% more than a trolley door opener. Installation time is the same for both models.


Installing a new garage door opener should be done by expert technician. Call Aladdin Garage Door of Austin, TX for installing of garage door opener. Their expert technicians will provide you option that works best for your garage. You can guarantee a high quality and durable materials to be used on your garage door.

To view more of our garage door openers products, click here.


Garage Door Safety Tips

May 17, 2017 Aladdin Customer Care Aurora IL 0 Comments

Garage Door Repair: How to Ensure Your Garage Door is Safe

Children are very active nowadays, they always love to run and hide in every corner of your home, and they also love to go in and out in your garage. Now the question is, does your garage door system is safe when children are playing around? If you are not sure with the answer, you better call an expert to check your garage doors.

Call Aladdin Doors, if you think your garage door is not safe and it needs repair. Service is located at Aurora, Illinois and other areas around Texas and North Carolina. They have well trained and highly skilled technicians that use state of the art techniques in repairing any kind of garage door issues. The company has been serving its customers for many years now, which makes the company highly competent, and provide only a top-notch service. In addition to keep your children safe from potential danger of a broken garage door, you might want to consider the helpful tips below.

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Make your garage door system safe for your family

Make your garage door system safe for your family

Have you ever noticed that your garage door is the largest moving part of your home? Or that you use your garage door more and more as a main entrance? It’s important to keep certain basic guidelines in mind to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

Keep your garage door remote out of sight in your vehicle

  • Your remote is the equivalent of the keys to your home.
  • Keep the doors of your vehicle locked at all times.
  • Use a mini remote that attaches to your keyring.
  • Better yet, use MyQ’s LiftMaster technology.

Never hang on to your garage door

  • Double garage doors longer than 14’ (4.3 m) are equipped with reinforcement bars on the inside.
  • It’s important for your family members to avoid climbing or hanging on to the door while it’s in motion.

Install the wall control panel out of the reach of children

  • Install it approximately 5’ (1.5 m) above the floor or top step.
  • Place it in a location where you have a clear view of the door as it opens and closes.

Once a month, take a quick look at the various components

  • Have any of the nuts or bolts come loose?
  • Are the horizontal tracks parallel?
  • Are any of the rollers about ready to break?
  • There are certain components you shouldn’t attempt to repair yourself, including the springs, hinges and lifting cables. All of these are under extreme tension.
  • Consult the maintenance guide provided by the manufacturer.

Don’t allow children to use or play with the remote

  • Your garage door remote is not a toy.
  • Don’t let your children play with the remote or even the Open/Close button on the wall control panel.
  • If they use the exterior key pad to open the door when they get home from school, remind them to get out of the way of the door while it’s in motion and wait until it’s all the way up before entering the garage.

Teach children to avoid touching the moving parts at all times

  • This is especially important when the garage door is in motion.
  • Never place your fingers between the sections of the door, even when operating it manually.
  • Do not slide your hand between the vertical rail and the garage door panels.

If you have an automatic door opener, test the two reversal mechanisms every month

  • The first one is mechanical:
    • Place a piece of wood (2 x 4) on the threshold of the door
    • Push the button to close the door
    • When the door contacts the piece of wood, it should back up automatically
  • The second one is photoelectric:
    • As the door begins to go down, move your leg slowly across the path of descent
    • The photocell will detect the motion and reverse the door automatically
  • If either of the two systems doesn’t work correctly, lock your garage door and refrain from using it. Contact a garage door specialist.


These tips aren’t intended to frighten you, but rather to prevent certain types of unfortunate accidents that occur each year. If you notice that your garage door is making more noise than usual, this is an early warning sign that there may be something wrong with the garage door or garage door opener. Contact a garage door specialist in your area, who will identify the problem and give you advice on how to use your garage door and check it regularly to make sure that everything’s working as it should. Always remember, Aladdin Garage Door is here to keep your garage system safe at all times. Ask their certified technicians for a garage door check. They will guarantee you a peace of mind in knowing that your children are safe whenever they play around in and out of your garage.

Looking for a local professional in Aurora to fix your garage door, click here.


Austin Tx Garage Service Professional

May 16, 2017 Aladdin Customer Care Repair 0 Comments

Has Your Garage Door Stop Working? Have It Fixed By Our Austin Experts

Having a smooth operating garage door is convenient and ensures that your home is secured. Unfortunately, faulty and broken parts can lead to the malfunctioning of this important door. The good news is that you can have it repaired fast and professionally to avoid the inconveniences related to broken doors. This comes in for of Aladdin Garage Doors, a professional company with highly trained and experienced technicians.

You can have your door fixed through replacement of the parts causing the problems. Another option is to have the parts repaired or the door replaced if the issue is connected to the age of the parts and the entire unit. Some of the parts the technicians will focus on include springs, rollers, panels, tracks, hinges, weather seals, openers, sensors, remotes and many others. They also install high quality new doors that blend in well with the exterior décor of your home as well as the garage.

(As First seen on

“Garage Door In Need Of Repair? Call Aladdin, We Can Help!
Aladdin Doors® is family owned and operated. Our company prides itself in high quality garage door repair services driven by hard work and integrity. Because we are a local business, we understand what the people of Austin, TX. need which is a guarantee, affordable price and quality service. When you call, you will speak with a garage door expert, so rest assured your questions will be professionally answered.
Doors DON’T Break When It Is Convenient!
We completely understand a broken garage door can cause an unimaginable inconvenience, this is the main reason why we strive to provide fast high quality garage door service.
Garage Door Spring Replacement
Aladdin Garage Doors provides installation, repair and replacement services of garage openers and garage doors. Our wide range of parts and materials are available for different price ranges and preferences.
Apart from residential garage doors and garage door openers, Aladdin also handles shop, farm building, storage facility and many other commercial applications.”
Call today for a quote and same day professional services.

Garage Door Maintenance, Safety and Security Tips

May 16, 2017 Aladdin Customer Care Aurora IL, New Garage Door 0 Comments

How to Maintain Your Garage Doors Safety and Security

Danger can be everywhere, and it can be in our own home. Rooms that were often taken for  granted and has least maintenance has a higher risk of that can cause potential injuries, one of it is the garage specifically its door. Many experts had proven that an old garage door is dangerous because anytime it will break down that may caused a damage to your property, worst is an injury to you and to your family.

So if you notice that your garage door needs repair, you better call Aladdin Garage Door of Aurora, Illinois. They provide excellent 24 hour garage door repair service.You might want to check these garage door safety and security tips.

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1. Embrace Technology

These days, you can choose a keychain garage door opener. This gives you a level of convenience and security that is not possible with a car visor opener.

2. Educate Children of Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are not to be played with under any circumstances. Children should be kept away from or supervised when around moving garage doors.

3. Keep the Door Closed

While it might be convenient to keep your garage door open, doing so could invite trouble into your home. Whether it is people scouting your garage for valuables or wild animals accessing stored food, both can easily be avoided by keeping your garage door shut and secure.

4. Maintain Your Garage Door

modern custom doors

Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home. In order to keep it functioning properly, your garage door should be maintained frequently. Just like other items around your home, the moving parts on your garage door need to be lubricated. Also, all fasteners should be checked to ensure they are tight and secure.

5. Perform Regular Safety Checks

Ensure that the safety features of your garage door work properly. When changing the batteries in your smoke alarms, check that all safety features are functioning on your garage door. These safety features include working photo eyes and a properly set operator to reverse when striking an object.

6. Cover Your Windows

Having windows in your garage adds a great deal of curb appeal but they also allow people to look inside. Cover the windows with attractive curtains or choose frosted windows instead.

7. Spring for an Upgrade

As with any door to the outside, your garage door should be designed to withstand the elements. Consider having a garage door with insulation installed and become more energy efficient.

8. Keep it Locked

Get into the habit of keeping your manual garage door garage_door_opener_installationslocked. If you have an eclectic operator installed and it is engaged, this will act as a lock. Keeping your garage door locked is particularly important when you are out of town for an extended period of time.

Your garage door is designed to protect you and your belongings. Use these tips to get the most of it.


In return you need to take care of your garage door as well by scheduling a proper maintenance to avoid the cost of frequent repairs. Check the tip below for the list of maintenance tips.

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1. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

One of the easiest ways you can take care of your garage door is simply by staying alert. Whenever you open or close it, watch to make sure it functions smoothly. The entire door should go up and down without any jerking. It should also be perfectly symmetrical. There should be very little noise and especially no alarming sounds like grinding or scraping.

2. Tighten Your Hardware

The average garage door is used well over 1,000 times each year. That’s a lot of mileage on all those small parts your system relies on to work properly. This means plenty of vibration is working its way toward loosening up everything from bolts to roller brackets. Fortunately, as long as you have a socket wrench and a few minutes, you can tighten everything up so that it works properly and without issue.

3. Test the Door’s Balance

A garage door that isn’t balanced stands very little chance of working correctly. This imbalance will eventually become a big enough issue that your garage door simply breaks because of all the stress put on the opener.

To check the balance on your door, pull the red cord (or whatever your door uses as a release handle) and then manually move the door halfway up. If your door doesn’t stay there, the balance is amiss and you should call a professional.

4. Inspect and Replace Any Broken Rollers

Whether you rely on steel or nylon rollers, they should be inspected at least twice a year to ensure they haven’t become worn down or otherwise damaged. On average, they’ll need to be replaced once every seven years, but if you use your garage door more than most, you’ll probably need to replace your rollers sooner.

This is an easy replacement to make as you can simply remove the brackets, slide the old rollers out, and then slide the new ones in.

5. Check Your Weatherstripping Too

Weatherstripping runs along the bottom of your garage door so that, when it’s shut, a secure seal is made. Check the stripping regularly and look for any areas where it may have become brittle, cracked or otherwise broken.

6. Apply Lubrication

All it takes is about 10 minutes a year to make sure your garage door is properly lubricated and working smoothly. Your home improvement store will once again have the supplies you need which is just some lubrication spray for the overhead springs and some white lithium grease for the chain or screw your opener uses.

7. Inspect the Cables

The high-tension cables used to lift your door are nothing to mess around with. You could be seriously injured or even killed. However, there’s no harm in checking around the bottom roller bracket to make sure they’re still intact and working well. If you do spot a problem, just call a professional.

8. Test Your Safety Measures

You should also look into your garage door’s safety features. This means sticking something like a brick or piece of wood on its threshold to ensure the door will back up once it hits this material. Most garage doors should also have a photocell component. If yours doesn’t, that probably means it’s quite old and you should think about replacing it.

With the photocell component, shut the door and while closing, put your foot through the invisible beam. This should trip the system and send the door moving back up again.

9. Clear out the Tracks

The tracks of your garage door can become encumbered with all kinds of debris and other materials. So, now and then spend just a little time inspecting these tracks and cleaning them out as necessary.

10. Clean Your Garage Door

Check out your garage door regularly to look for places where it has become chipped, warped, or if the paint has peeled. For steel doors, ensure there are no rust spots or other issues. Whenever you wash your car, get in the habit of cleaning your garage door too.


Clearly, proper maintenance is a great way to save from repair cost. Aside from it, an early repair is a great way also to save you money. So if you notice damage or broken parts on your garage door, call Aladdin Garage Door of Aurora, Illinois immediately. They provide 24 hour garage door repair service so when trouble knocks on your garage door, they are ready to provide you service.



Aurora IL. Garage Door Repair Service

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A malfunctioning garage door can result from a long period of wear and tear due to use or because of a faulty part. A broken door can and will greatly inconvenience you by affecting your schedule and compromising your security. That said, it is very important that you have it repaired as soon as possible. technicians are fast and trained in providing same-day repair services aimed at enduring you get back the full functions of the door. These technicians are experienced in replacing hinges, weather seals, cables, rollers and springs. In the process, your garage door can be adjusted to make sure it is operating smoothly. If the opener is faulty, it will be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of damage. You do not have to worry about the brand of door you have installed because they will handle all doors across brands in the market, whether old or new.

The company also offers new doors that will match well with your garage and your home’s exterior.

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Whether your garage door is malfunctioning because of a simple fault or because it is old and worn out, it is important to have an expert look at it as soon as possible. Garage doors help protect our homes and the involved mechanical parts make it easy to operate them when opening and closing. If you are dealing with a faulty door, all you need is to call and they will send their technicians immediately through their same day repair services.Custom garage doors with matching lift units

The repair process involves an assessment of the situation and might include repairing or replacing springs, cables, tracks, panels, openers, hinges and any other part that might be causing the problem. They also offer new door installation services if the door is not in a repairable state or if you have just finished constructing your garage. These repairs are handled by expert technicians who are licensed and trained to deal with different brands and types of doors.

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