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About Us

Aladdin Doors® is a family-owned business with it’s headquarters, showroom and training facility in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Our company has locations throughout the United States, and can be found in a town near you.

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Teamwork, open communication, personal recognition, performance based rewards, promotion from within and fun are all part of the framework that makes the culture of Aladdin Doors. If you are a team player, reliable, and self-motivated and looking for the right career to grow in…

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We take great pride in the quality and professionalize our service technicians bring to every home or business.  Take a minute to read a few testimonial sent to us via mail and consider making us your last stop when it comes to your garage door needs.

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 Garage Door Openers, Springs, Cables & Rollers

Are you in search of high quality professional garage door repair, electric opener repair or spring replacement? At Aladdin Doors, we’ve got you covered!  For same day service in your local area, call today!

  • Garage door and electric opener repair, replacement and sales
  • Garage door and electric opener parts and accessories such as:broken_special
    • Springs
    • Cables
    • Rollers
    • End Plates
    • Tracks
    • Safety Sensors
    • Door Sections
    • … and more
  • Preventive maintenance service
  • 24/7 emergency service at no extra charge

At Aladdin Doors, we service all garage door and electric opener makes and models.

Not only do we focus on professional garage door installation, we also specialize in garage door repair and replacement parts such as electric openers, springs, rollers and more.

 repair_services1Springs – Springs are an important component of your garage door since they are responsible for lifting the door every time it opens and closes.  If only one spring is broken, we recommend to replace both springs together since the second one usually fails not long thereafter. Our standard springs offer a 10,000 cycle lifetime with four years warranty on parts and one year warranty on labor.  Or, choose our 100,000 high cycle spring with a lifetime warranty on parts and one year on labor for high performance.


Drums – Drums, also known as pulleys, are the circular rollers at the end of the torsion spring shafts. Their function is to help balance your garage door as it opens and closes. If your garage door has become noisy or shaky, your drums may need replacement. It is important to replace your drums as soon as possible to prevent damage to other parts of your garage door.

repair_services3Nylon Rollers – When your garage door becomes noisy and starts to vibrate, chances are you need new rollers. Garage door rollers are often replaced every 5-7 years. Our nylon rollers can lift up to 150 lbs. and last 100,000 cycles for a 12’ garage door.


Hinges – When your garage door is raised, hinges hold your door panels together creating a smooth operation. You’ll notice they may start to stick, make noise and become rusty indicating you need to replace them. Our 14 gauge (and higher) hinges provide a longer life than standard hinges.


We carry a large inventory of replacement parts such as remote controls, tracks and other parts for your convenience. Call Aladdin Garage Door Repairs today.


Cables – You’ll know your cables are broken when the door malfunctions on one or both sides, causing a serious situation that can lead to injury or property damage. Garage door cables support the weight of the garage door and are strong and flexible to roll on the pulley and be wound on the drums. We sell cables in pairs because we recommend that they be replaced at the same time.


Endplates – Like most garage door parts, endplates are under significant tension to lift the shaft that holds the door springs. Shafts are at a risk of breaking if the endplates are not strong enough. We use the strongest endplates and guarantee that they will effectively hold the shaft.

Aladdin Door Offers The Following Services:

  • Expert garage door repair service available Monday through Saturday
  • 24/7 emergency service at no additional chargealaddin_doors_group
  • Same-day service guaranteed if you call between 7am and 2pm
  • New garage door & installation
  • Custom door & installation
  • Dedicated customer service 24/7
  • Lifetime warranty available on select parts and services

Our uniformed, certified, trained technicians have years of experience and are equipped to handle any garage door repair or installation needed. Since we respect your time, we provide a two hour window to perform the service. Call Aladdin Garage Door Repairs today for garage door installation, garage door replacement, garage door spring replacement, garage door opener repair or for any problem you are experiencing with your garage door.

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